Mad Agnes is mad – but only in the most endearing way. And if you ask them what they’re mad about… Why, they’re mad about you.

Folk, classical or Celtic? Soaring harmonies, incisive lyrics or giggly repartee? For nine years Mad Agnes has been delightfully impossible to pigeonhole. This hasn’t kept the genre-bending trio from winning hearts on two continents and collectively amassing a body of work which comprises twelve CDs, a concert DVD, three tour T-shirts and a cracking set of action figures.

Mad Agnes is Margo Hennebach, Adrienne Jones and Mark Saunders. Each member arrived at the trio from a staggering list of solo accomplishments, including songwriting competitions, recordings, and the ability to sleep on any surface. Multi-instrumentalists all, Hennebach is classically trained in piano, Jones is self-taught on guitar and bass, and Saunders adds color with a vintage mandolin and subtle electronic processing on his guitar. The sound can be full as a concert hall or delicate as three voices singing a cappella.

Hennebach and Jones write most of the songs, which they arrange in a purely fair and Democratic fashion. Choosing from among their bundle of instruments and adding “three-part harmonies as tight as jeans from the dryer” (Rob Weir, The Advocate), the resulting sound is captivating, uplifting and rare.

Released in Oct, 2010, their latest CD, hush, was conceived in response to frequent requests by fans for a collection of their ballads. “It’s a sweet album,” says Jones. “There are still energetic moments and signature sillies, but this was a really heartfelt project.” The cover of hush shows a white upper room in an old house, with peeling paint, fallen plaster and an air of quiet neglect. Soft, bright light filters in through sheer curtains – the tabula rasa, perhaps, on which we continually reinvent ourselves.

Mad Agnes are smart musicians, smart enough to leave audiences wanting more. In this, their final year of touring together, those audiences will be lucky to see them go around one more time before moving on to other projects – because moving on is as much a part of the human condition as anything else they sing about. Linda Morris (Dirty Linen) agrees: “Their music is at once intricate, mesmerizing, whimsical, eclectically intellectual… but, above all, utterly human.”
There you have it: Mad Agnes is the real deal. Oh – except for the action figures. We were just kidding about those.

Recognized for their terrific live show, Mad Agnes was a formal mainstage artist at the SW-2007 and NE-2004 Regional Folk Alliance Conferences, They perform internationally at listening rooms and festivals including The Kerrville Folk Festival (TX), Mountain Stage New Songs Festival (WV), The Birchmere (VA), The Forksville Folk Festival, The Sellersville Theatre, Bethlehem Musikfest and Godfrey Daniels (PA), The Bitter End and the Towne Crier (NY), Old Settlers Inn (KS), WFMT’s Live Stage (IL), Cedarburg Cultural Center (WI), Sunrise Civic Center Theater (FL), University of Hartford and Cheney Hall (CT), The Ark (MI), and First nights Morristown (NJ) and Worcester (MA), Cropredy Festival (England), Swanage Folk Festival (England) and Flyde Folk Festival (England).

As one presenter once introduced them, “Together, the three of them make a great couple.”

1) From simple a cappella to breathtaking instrumentation (guitars, bass, mandolin, keyboard), Mad Agnes delights, incites, and heals. The Boston Herald says to enjoy "funny showmanship, rambunctious harmonies and intense beauty" from this genre-bending trio.

2) Mad Agnes's harmony-driven performance offers an eclectic mix of contemporary singer-songwriter material with influences of classical, Celtic, folk/rock, PDQ Bach, and a touch of street theatre. Their lyrics, vocal intricacies and instrument prowess make their music "music for thinking people."

3) From simple a cappella to breathtaking instrumentation (guitars, bass, mandolin, keyboard), the genre-bending Mad Agnes delights, incites, and heals. This trio--made up of Margo Hennebach, Adrienne Jones, and Mark Saunders--"brims with funny showmanship, the most agile, rambunctious harmonies and intense beauty."--Boston Herald

4)"Akin to progressive-folk artists of yore, most notably Fairport Convention, the multi-faceted Mad Agnes thrives on story-telling and a traditional aesthetic steeped in classical motifs, intricate harmonies, and complex counterpoint." Minor 7th. From simple a cappella to breathtaking instrumentation (guitars, bass, mandolin, keyboard), Mad Agnes delights, incites, and heals.

5) "from witty to wildly innovative, there seems nothing out there like Mad Agnes, and certainly nothing like it in the folk world. A fusion of folk, pop and classical contrapuntal harmonies 'contemporary and yet also timeless' sort of Paul Simon meets Bach, as sung by the Bitching Babes."
Peter Spink, New Age Voice

6) Like a crazy three-headed alchemist, Mad Agnes combines the elements of classical and folk, then crosses the poignancy of the singer/songwriter with street-theatre smarts. Into this brew, she infuses choral arrangements, a cappella and zany madrigal singing. POOF! Enter a whole new style of entertainment that no one is talking about...but only because they don't know how. You can call it Mad Agnes.